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Welcome to the Monmouthshire Railway Society Website.

The Monmouthshire Railway Society is a long established society. Having been founded in 1957 we have a long history and are still going very strong meeting regularly and keeping very active. The Monmouthshire Railway Society has recently released a double CD called "Steam Across Wales" which is now available to purchase. Please visit our online shop.

We are interested in all aspects of railway engineering, from its origins with Stevenson and Trevithick, all the way up to the latest developments with magnetic levitation.

The articles and features which appear in the acclaimed "MRS Journal" and this website are mainly concerning steam rail and local events to the society. However, we will welcome any fellow enthusiast’s ideas, so please feel free to contact us. To contact us you can use our contact us form. Using this form you can choose to contact different key members of the society, or choose to send a general enquiry which will be sent to a selection of members from the Monmouthshire Railway Society. As they say, "Many hand’s make light work" we think many brains could get a better answer to your question!

The Monmouthshire Railway Society website is brand new, and we are currently still in the process of adding content to the site. If you click the media link in the toolbar you will be taken to our articles and gazetteer section. From here you can view any articles that are currently in our database, these articles are based on features from the gazetteer’s which have been written by members of the society. You can also access our Journal directory. This is an index of all of the Journal the Monmouthshire Railway Society has released, you can view the pages of the Journal if you are a member of the society. Built into this is a search facility which allows you to search the index based on keywords you specify, this will help you more easily find relevant Journal.